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Tired of fake proof of payment?

We hate it too, so we built Elite-Hub as the solution.

Grow Your Money By 50% in 30 Days.

Instead of keeping your money stagnant in the bank, put your money to work for you.

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Don't take our word for it, hear it from our beneficiaries

Get 15% for Referring Someone.

Bonus of 15% of your money will be given to you when someone registers under you.

We Know You've Got Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions

Who can join Elite-Hub?

Everyone of legal age that owns and operate a bank account.

How to register on Elite-Hub?

To register visit fill in your email and phone number on the right hand side of the slider and click sign-up


visit and fill the form.

Visit fill up your username, your password then click sign in.

How safe is Elite-Hub?

Elite-Hub is guarded with one of the best encryption policy but you need be aware of whom you share your password with.

Also note that Elite-Hub will never ask you for your password, and Elite-Hub has no official mobile app, so beware of fake apps out there.

How to get in touch with Support

You can file in a ticket on the support section of your dashboard.

How to add your Account details?

To add your account detail, login to your Dashboard, click on the arrow below the avatar, click on “My Accounts”.

Click “Add” and fill in your bank account details, when done click “Save”.

What is “Lite”?

Lite is a convention money used on Elite-Hub, all contribution is converted to Lite until it is being withdrawn by the individual.

How to Contribute?

Login to you dashboard, click on the green button “Acquire Lite - NGN”.

Input the amount you wish to contribute, tick the agreement box, then click the save button.

How to withdraw?

Login to you dashboard, click on the orange button “Withdraw Lite - NGN”.

Select the Lite(s) you'd like to withdraw, Click “Next” and select the account you want to withdraw to and click “Next”.

Verify the amount and account details, then click “Withdraw Now”.

What types of Bonuses can I get?

Bonuses are Registration Bonus, Referral Bonus, Guider Bonus, Gifts, Video Bonus and Task Bonus.

Registration Bonus

This will be given to you on your first contribution

5% will be awarded to you when you contribute between NGN 100,000 to NGN 240,000

7% will be awarded to you when you contribute between NGN 250,000 to NGN 490,000

10% will be awarded to you when you contribute between NGN 500,000 to NGN 2,000,000.

Referral bonus

15% from each contribution made by your referral will be awarded to you in Lite.

But this Lite will only be available for withdrawal after you have completed one contribute/withdraw cycle.

Guider Bonus

7%, 4%, 2% or 0.5% .