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Introduction to Elite-Hub

What is Elite-Hub

Elite-Hub is group of well-meaning participants and managers in other platforms who have decided to come together in a confined platform devoid of Chaos, fake proof of payment, ineffective communication when orders have been matched, slow response of support and CRO and other problems.

We built EH as the solution to all these problems that have rendered other mutual aid platforms incapable of serving their participants in the best way possible.

Who can join Elite-Hub

Everyone of legal age who owns and operate a bank account.

How to register on Elite-Hub

To register visit www.elitehub.org fill in your email and phone number on the right hand side of the slider and click sign-up or visit www.elitehub.org/signup and fill the form.

How it works

What is your dashboard?

A Dashboard is a personal space allocated to you to view all your transactions.

Login to your dashboard

Visit www.elite-hub.com/signin fill up your “Phone number or Email and your Password”, then click sign in.

How to add an account detail

To add your account detail, login to your Dashboard, click on the arrow below the avatar, click on “My Accounts”.

Click “Add” and fill in your bank account details, when done click “Save”.

How to Contribute

Login to you dashboard, click on the green button “Acquire Lite - NGN”.

Input the amount you wish to contribute, tick the agreement box, then click the save button.

How to get your money back

Login to you dashboard, click on the orange button “Withdraw Lite - NGN”.

Select the Lite(s) you'd like to withdraw, Click “Next” and select the account you want to withdraw to and click “Next”.

Verify the amount and account details, then click “Withdraw Now”.

Who are referrals

If you registered a new participant or he/she registered by his/herself using your Referral Link, then he/she is your “Referral”. Your Referrals are listed in your Referral section of your dashboard and you are awarded 15% bonus you ever contribution made by each of your participant.

Elite Hub will always keep your informed through SMS and emails messages concerning the status of your account and will ensure that you grow your money fast under a very serene and chaos free platform.

What is a referral link

A Referral Link is a personal address in which Elite-Hub uses to track participants that are invited by you.

Remember you will be awarded 15% bonus you ever contribution made by each of your participant you referrer.

Where can i post my referral link

Use referral link in different websites, Social networks, text messages, signatures, etc.


What types of Bonuses can I get?

Bonuses range from Registration Bonus, Referral Bonus, Guider Bonus, Gifts, Task Bonus

  • Registration Bonus

    This is given to participant on his/her first contribution i.e
    5% will be awarded to participant who contributes between NGN 100,000 to NGN 240,000
    7% will be awarded to participant who contributes between NGN 250,000 to NGN 490,000
    10% will be awarded to participant who contributes between NGN 500,000 to NGN 2,000,000

  • Referral bonus

    15% from each contribution made by your referral will be awarded to you in Lite but this Lite will only be available for withdrawal after participant has made his/her payment.

  • Guider Bonus

    7%, 4%, 2% or 0.5% are awarded to guiders up to the fourth generation of downline.

  • Testimonial Video Bonus

    10% and 5% will be given to participant based on the Quality of the testimonial video uploaded.

Note: All Bonuses are awarded in LITE